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Committees & Positions

Polish Committees 2023


Carl High - Chair

Jill Gannon


Jacinta Taulbee - Chair

Tresa Hutchison
Theresa Herther
Marty Earle
John Hart
Keith Rockwood 


Grant Olson - Chair

Madelyn Beckstrom
Richard Krebs


Kim Williams - Chair

Sandy Baker

Dianne Morris


Katherine Wist - Chair

Margaret Skamertz
Tresa Hutchison
John Hart

Constitution & Bylaws

Ethan Weaver - Chair

Jody Earle
Alan Rafferty


Kimberly Williams - Chair

Katherine Wist

Amy Jackson

Victoria Jackson


Bradley Campbell - Chair

Jonathan Sauder

Collene Saunders


Jill Schmidt - Chair

Marty Earle

Vincent Consiglio
Michael Megeles
Pat Glenn

Polish Positions 2023

Show Liasons

Michaela Walsh
Jessica Cotter

Newsletter Editor

Katherine Wist


Jody Earle

Sweepstakes Secretary

Melissa Ordway

Show Reports can be mailed to:
APRC Sweeps Secretary
47 Hardscrabble Rd
Port Jervis, NY 12771


Jill Gannon
Jody Earle

Michaela Walsh

DR Correspondent

Max Horan

Committees, and those that serve on them,
perform a vital service 
for this organization and its members.


The main functions of APRC committees are to:

  1. Complete prep work and development of policy options
    & recommendations for consideration of the Board.


  2. Carry out tasks on behalf of the Board
    in the area represented by the committee.


  3. Aid in the implementation of committee-focused activities.



Above are the committees currently operating on behalf of the APRC.

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact

APRC President Tresa Hutchinson

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