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About APRC

Our club is dedicated to

Promotion - Development - Improvement

       of the Polish Rabbit


The APRC has members across the USA and Canada.  The Club will provide pertinent information regarding the Polish breed on our website. Please explore our site to learn about all the interesting and exciting avenues being a member has to offer.


The Little Aristocrat, as this noble little breed of rabbit is known, has six varieties currently recognized by ARBA that can be shown. They are black, blue, broken, chocolate, blue eyed white and ruby eyed white and one color, the lilac, that is currently on a COD (Certificate of Development). The Polish is one of the smaller domestic rabbit breeds having a maximum weight of 3 1/2 pounds. The Polish breed first made their way to the United States around 1912. A distinctive feature of the breed is their large, bold and expressive eyes.


The APRC provides a quarterly publication, The Little Aristocrat, for its members. At this time this publication is available either electronically or printed copy, whichever is more convenient for the members. 


There are Officers and Directors always available to answer any questions you may have regarding our club and our Polish breed.

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