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Certificate of Development  COD

In order to introduce a new breed or variety of a rabbit or cavy which is not already recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, you must first obtain a Certificate of Development (COD) for the proposed breed or variety. This can be done by submitting a letter requesting the COD with a written proposed standard for the breed or variety, and accompanied with a non-refundable fee of $50.00. You must have been a member of the ARBA for 5 continuous years at the time of application. Upon approval by the ARBA Standards Committee of the materials submitted, a Certificate of Development will be issued. There are further criteria and details which can be found in the ARBA Standard of Perfection or by contacting the ARBA office.

Copy of CONGRATS Graduation - Made with
Copy of CONGRATS Graduation - Made with

The Lilac Polish

2019 ARBA Convention


They Passed!!!!


Lets give them

our full support at the

2020 ARBA Convention

in Pennsylvania

CarolGeorgelilacCOD (1).jpg

If they pass one more time we will all have a

new variety

to show!

                  Lilac Variety COD Timeline

                            Thank you Grant Olson 

2003              COD issued to Enlow Walker


2004-2005?            Failed for eye spot (E-mail from Cathy Szychulda) No hard copy                                          documentation


2006              COD issued to April Wright (AK)


2009              1st Presentation, 1st showing: Failed.


2010              COD issued to Carol George (IN). 1st Presentation, 1st showing: Passed


2011              2nd Presentation, 1st showing: Failed


2012              2nd Presentation, 2nd showing: Failed


2013              COD issued to Jennifer B. Whaley (CA). 1st Presentation, 1st showing:



2014              2nd Presentation, 1st showing: Failed


2015              2nd Presentation, 2nd showing: Failed, no show

                        COD issued to Carol George (IN) and Pat Glenn (IN)


2016              1st Presentation, 1st showing: Failed


2017              1st Presentation, 2nd showing: Passed


2018              2nd Presentation, 1st showing: Failed


2019              2nd Presentation, 2nd showing: Passed


2020              Convention Canceled



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