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National Show Bid

We ask that you use the APRC National Show bid form when submitting your bid. This way, as we review multiple bids, it provides a consistent format for everyone to follow and therefore an easy comparison of information for the Board to ultimately review and vote on for approval.  The bid form will also ensure that each proposing club has reviewed and accepted the National Show rules and guidelines. 


NOTE:  Once a bid is submitted and approved by the BOD, it is considered a ‘final’ bid.  If there are significant changes to the approved bid due to city, county, state, federal, or ARBA  regulations/mandates that affect the date, location, venue, judges, banquet, etc. the hosting club is to contact the Show Liaison Committee to discuss and ultimately document the changes (and reasons) on a new bid form.  This ‘updated/revised’ bid form will be re-submitted to the BOD for review and approval.  


Bids are to be submitted two (2) years in advance. If your club is thinking about putting together a bid for 2026, please start working on filling out and submitting the bid form.  For 2025 bids, the completed bid form must be turned into the APRC National Club Secretary/ Treasurer thirty (30) days before the April 2023 Polish National Show.  

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